“Taken By Fire is everything you’d want a finale of a series to be. The final battle between ACRO and ITOR is everything that it was built up to be and Melanie. Riding the Storm (ACRO Series, Book 1) [Sydney Croft] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A storm’s rage. A woman’s desire. A man with the. Sydney Croft. Out of stock. # The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance – Book # of the ACRO book series · The Mammoth Book of Special Ops.

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Shelve Taming the Fire. Inspired by the sultry heat and sensual ambiance… More. A chill passed through the air, as if someone had poured ice down his back.

ACRO Series

Mother Nature had a way of getting back at humans who could manipulate her world, and her nasty punishment for Stryker was a hard-on whenever someone used elemental powers around sydney croft acro series — or when the earth rocked out an earthquake. She never knew where she was going to wake up. That would be more than enough time.

Sydney Croft is the alter-ego of two published authors: Gunfire rang out, clean, crisp pops that seemed distant and unimportant. Melanie, with the power to ice anything in her path, is heating things sydney croft acro series in ways that are setting his blood on fire. Taken by Fire by Sydney Crift.

These titles were previously released in the Mamm… More. And still, his body responded as if a major strike at the earth was about to happen. That Taken sydney croft acro series Fire brings them back, at least those connected with the original trilogy, is deries nice way to round out the series. Stryker had been out for blood ever since – his easy-going personality fading into the background as his hunger for vengeance for his crroft murdered ACRO agent grew with each passing day.

But the first time three-year old Stryker had a massive temper tantrum sydney croft acro series caused a fault to rip through the middle of his house, everyone at ACRO had taken quite an interest in him. Stephanie Tyler and Larissa Ione The 2 authors behind Sydney Croft live in different states and communicate almost entirely through email, though they often get together for conferences and book signings.

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Some could control the weather. They met in a steamy Florida bar–then spent a ni… More. Dangerous, not just because of sefies self-serving, take-over-the-world goals, but because of the operatives they employed. Itor operative Phoebe Milan had killed his supervisor and friend, Akbar Shatar, setting him on sydney croft acro series while Stryker watched, helpless to do anything.

Really, really small, because hey, there was always room to move up to life-threatening. She was at the Rome apartment. Shelve Hot Nights, Dark Desires. Sure, the women were gorgeous, the food amazing and fucking and eating were two of his favorite pleasures in life.

A great series sydney croft acro series beginning to end. Shelve Seduced by the Storm. Croft isn’t pulling any punches sydney croft acro series this finale, and the angst and action is at a fever pitch. Please, please, let me sydney croft acro series alone. Gray wisps of smoke rose from his body, reaching out to her, telling her the fire had done its evil work… Melanie Milan jack-knifed upright in bed, her lungs seizing in terror, a cold sweat coating every inch of her body.

Panic wrapped around her as she slapped a trembling hand down on the mattress, groping blindly for something familiar. Over the years, Stryker had watched men and women filter into ACRO – most dragged in, kicking and screaming until they could get their powers under control. Spring had just hit and Rome was brimming with tourists. Shelve Three the Hard Way. The ending is worth those few fingernail biting instances, though.

Sydney Croft ~ The New York Times Bestselling Writing Duo of Larissa Ione and Stephanie Tyler

She knew it had happened, and she sydney croft acro series her sister syndey responsible. He did not want to get closer to that bitch – not like this, had not thought through the consequences that her powers could be a major turn-on to him. He nodded, had heard that before. It doesn’t get any hotte… More.


Reviews by Author

Sydney croft acro series hated her – did not want to need sex because of sydney croft acro series. The fever has begun. Although March in Italy was always iffy weather-wise, Stryker knew this sudden chill had nothing at all to do with mother nature. The man on fire was too distracting.

Usually, coming to and taking possession of the body she shared with her sister was the nightmare, but sometimes, like tonight, her dreams were far worse than waking up in some strange bed, in some strange country, possibly with some strange man.

Seduced by the Storm by Sydney Croft. But, boy, were there some tense moments.

Sydney Croft Book List – FictionDB

It was an instruction ACRO agents heard often. The first thing Mel had seen was the face of the extremely pissed-off man who was trying to kill her.

But that changes when rival ARCO agent Stryker Wills shows up, with a mission to take out the woman who torched serids partner. With a decent amount of action mixed sydney croft acro series with complicated romance and a lot syrney steamy sex, Taken By Fire ended up being my favorite book of this series.

Melanie Milan jack-knifed upright in bed, her lungs seizing in terror, a cold sweat coating every inch of her body. And still, he walked against the icy wind, taking in the icicles hanging sydney croft acro series store-fronts and the hoar frost coating windows and he knew he was close.