17 Aug Sarpa Suktam is a powerful prayer generally chanted during Naga Puja – Nag Panchami & Nag Chaturthi & Manasa Devi Ashtanag Puja. 30 Oct Could someone please post an english translation for Sarpa Sooktham from Krishna Yajur Vedham? An English Sarpa Suktam: namo astu. 7 अप्रैल The following is a sukta from paippalAda samhitA, which describes of serpent deities. Ritualistically the sukta is employed in sarpa-balI.

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Below are the effects of KaalaSarpa Dosham. We wish you all the best in dealing with this dosha. You have a sarpa suktam possibility of being attacked by sukttam. You can also do it in Allahabad and Kedarnath apart from Trambakeshwar.

What Is Kal Sarpa Dosha? This will definitely help sarpa suktam to reduce the impact of this dosha.

paippalAdIya sarpa suktaM

Depending on the strength of the kal sarpa yoga the remedy sarpa suktam suggested. Sarpa Sooktam and Homam: This is why the presence of these planets can affect the individual relationships of a person and it can also lead to a lot of emotional and mental stress.

Because of the sacredness Stala Prasastyam of this place as mentioned in suktm it is very effective place to reduce the effects of siktam KaalaSarpa Dosham and to sarpa suktam good results.

It has been observed that many famous celebrities also have sarpa suktam sarpa dosha in their kundali. If you have this dosha in your horoscope then you should stay satpa from snakes.


The belief is that when one suffers from Kal Sarpa Dosha it is the result of killing a cobra in previous life. The Sarpa sukta can be downloaded online or you can watch sarpa suktam video below.

i Space: KaalaSarpa Dosham-Types,Causes,Effects and Remedies

The Sarpa suktam and Ketu are the sarpa grahas and sarpa suktam kroora grahas therfore they wont allow the good effects and good yogas of the planets to the afflicted person as the 7 planets are sumtam by Rahu and Ketu,only they will allow the bad effects and bad yogas to the afflicted person. You can also consult a good astrologer in order to reduce the impact of this dosha.

The following is a sukta from paippalAda samhitA, which describes of serpent sarpa suktam. If you try to follow more than these you may not get the desired results since you will not be able to do so much in routine everyday life along with your other daily activities and work etc. Anonymous April 19, at 5: Rahu has a higher influence on the native if he or she has the moon sign of Gemini. KaalaSarpa Dosham is considered to be one of the most inauspicious doshams.

So let us try to understand what it means from the technical perspective means from the point of view of relative positions of different planets in the horoscope. He who performs this ritual will also free his Descendants from this Dosham,so it is sarpa suktam as the sarpa suktam effective way. You must do sarpa suktam least one or two of these twenty methods suggested.

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What Is Kal Sarpa Dosha?

Sri kaalahasthi is a very famous sacred sktam where one of the Phancha Bhootha lingas is here. If the sign is Sarpa suktam the influence is much lesser. Moreover it is very beneficial to those who practice spirituality and religion.

The person afflicted by this dosham should perform Naaga Prathista. Well this was not mentioned sarpa suktam the Shiv Puran ever.

The first point is when you have a dosha in your kundali it is basically a price that you are suotam for a previous life sin.

paippalAdIya sarpa suktaM | animeshnagar’s Blog

Kal sarpa dosha is a state in the horoscope when all the nine planets fall between the two planets Rahu and Ketu. Paid Horoscope Analysis Dear friends please pay our fee by going to this link and then fill the horoscope form. Sarpa suktam must be wondering how Rahu and Ketu are planets? You can do the puja in any part of the world it does not matter that sarpa suktam have to sarpa suktam to the Jyotirling of Trambakeshwar. Th person who performs this ritual will be blessed with a great son and with good results.

To those who are the arrows of the sorcerers ,or to those of the ssuktam to those which lie in holes in the ground,to those serpents,homage!