15 Dec The theme is the dealing with the inner satisfaction as compare to the financial satisfaction. In the story, Patol Babu plays a small role in the film. Patolbabu is the story of a one-time theatre actor, in his fifties. Stressed without a Coincidentally he is given a chance to play a role in a movie. His enthusiasm.

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What is the theme of the story – Patol Babu, Film Star?

Going patol babu film star a mundane life and a routine existence. He performs it to his own utmost satisfaction. How small he would feel if he muffed in the presence of so many people?

Answer the following questions briefly. A meek, harmless man like him, and they had to drag him into the middle of the patol babu film star to make i laughing stock out of him. Pakrashi was Patol Babu’s mentor.

What does this reveal about his character? This site is very helpful.

Study Material and Summary of Patol Babu, Film Star NCERT Class 10th

Fil, is patol babu film star English school board I have not read this chapter and after read this summary I understood the whole. Although he was a little upset, he thought he would make the most of the situation and started practising his single dialogue in different ways.


I saw so many new things—cameras, lights, make up artists, production people, etc. Patol Babu arrived promptly at eight thirty. Discuss the following questions in detail and pato the answers in your notebooks?

Well… I forgot to tell you my role was with the hero of the film—Chanchal Kumar. He no more felt his role in the movie to be condescending.

The place was crowded with people but Naresh Dutt was nowhere to be seen. When he got his dialogue, monosyllabic exclamation ‘Oh! And with my experience I will be able to guide them in the best way possible. For him the money can not justify that role.

After losing his job, Patol Babu had to face many difficulties to earn a livelihood. How do his words help Patol Babu in enacting his role? patol babu film star

Mullick turn down Patol Babu’s request for a rehearsal? He tried various things, like opening a variety store and working as an patol babu film star agent in order to survive. RD Sharma Patol babu film star Afterwards he settles down when he remembers the words of his mentor. First of all, he himself rehearsed his own bit. How could anyone be so cruel?

Ask for details Follow Report by D6kusumjeybriana Patol Babu was worried about the dialogue that he had to deliver because no one had given him his lines and he needed to practise, even if his role was a small one. It reminded him of Patol Babu and thus he came to give. So what happened at the shooting today? Discuss the following questions in patol babu film star and write the answers in your notebooks: He was when he had a smooth life with a secure job and when he lost his he struggled with perseverance.


He worked out his steps, his reactions and his face expressions. He knew that dialogues require patol babu film star and therefore demanded them beforehand so that he could rehearse well before the final shoot. He was given a moustache that rather suited him and was told to start the role. The film crew, representing the new generation lack ethics and responsible attitude. He really worked hard at his part and performed it to perfection.

Patol Babu Film Star | Purba Paschim | Ramaprasad Banik

Patol Babu enquired about the director so that patol babu film star could tell his wife when he got back. Give reasons for your answer. Answer Of staf Patol Babu is a very practical man. Free help with homework.

What is the theme of the story – Patol Babu, Film Star ?

Here are some lines from the lesson. Yes, I can and will surely achieve my dreams. Answer Patol Babu executed his part to perfection.