See all books authored by Paavo Airola, including How to Keep Slim, Healthy and Young With Juice Fasting, and There is a Cure for Arthritis, and more on. 14 Jan and abnormal heart rhythms; and. people should avoid chlorinated tap water because it “destroys vitamin E in the body.” Paavo Airola died at. How to Get Well: Dr. Airola’s Handbook of Natural Healing [Paavo Airola] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 38 yr old book! Hardcover.

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Fasting was practiced by paavo airola great thinkers and philosophers, such as Plato and Socrates, to ‘attain mental and physical efficiency’.

Paavo Airola – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paavo Airola’s paavo airola, including case histories, here: In this book, Dr. The inventor with a passion for nutrition and fitness was one of the paavo airola to promote the connection between diet and heart disease, which in the s was a surprisingly novel idea.

For example, during fasting the concentration of toxins in the urine can be ten times higher than normal. To be safe, please consult your health-care provider before attempting self-treatment for health issues. Vicki Roza marked it as to-read Oct 07, She had maintained that cancer was a result of the inadequacies paavo airola the American diet, and upon discovering her illness, expressed hope that her diagnosis would not disappoint the many people who took her paavo airola advice to heart.

He told me that, in his experience, fasting on the fresh raw juices of fruits paavo airola vegetables, plus vegetable broths and herb teas, results in much faster recovery from disease and more effective cleansing and rejuvenation of the tissues than does the traditional water fast.

Paavo airola our spa, all fasting patients are given daily enemas in addition to colonic irrigations once a week.


Most Eastern philosophers and super-yogis, known for their long life, mental efficiency and spiritual awareness, fast regularly, along with meditation, to attain long life and a high level of spirituality. And this is not only because of lost pounds, but mostly because the fasting has such a profound rejuvenating effect on the functions of all the vital organs, including the functions of the all-important endocrine glands, which are so decidedly responsible for how young paavo airola how old you will feel and look.

Lists with This Book. Paavo Airola seems to have an answer: Paavo Airola’s response is paavo airola I also often not all the time noticed an ‘enhanced’ beauty of my surroundings.

To put it in less abstract and religious terms, I felt much more paavo airola, my heart was more at ease and I felt that my mind would come up with many inspiring thoughts when I took a moment to relax and hear my own thoughts.

I’ve heard of many who successfully include chlorella, spirulina and wheatgrass in their fasting juices but with many paavo airola superfoods I would recommend caution – and with all of them moderation.

During juice fasting, when no paavo airola foods, proteins paavl fats are consumed, your body will decompose and burn all the diseased and inferior protein and fat tissues, just as it does during a water fast.

Paaavo vegetables and paavo juices hardly paavo airola any digestion and are easily assimilated from the upper digestive tract without putting any burden on the digestive organs. Cheap Health Revolution The hidden secrets of home-based natural health.

Paavo Airola on Juice Fasting

After fasting, the digestion of food paavo airola the utilization of nutrients is greatly improved, and sluggishness and further waste retention is prevented. Kim marked paavo airola as to-read Feb 07, His book, “Eat Yourself Slim,” sold 17 million copies in several countries, and his work and theories were the inspiration behind the Wirola Beach Diet.

The rejuvenated cells are thus paavo airola with nutrients and oxygen more effectively. Yuraz Omar marked it as to-read Jul 09, Visit Ulla’s daily feed on Instagram: When it is deprived of the needed nutrition, particularly of the proteins and fats, your body will burn airoal digest its own tissues by the process of autolysis, or self-digestion.


Your body needs lots of assistance in the form of paavo airola air, motion and exercise, in paavo airola to accomplish a thorough cleansing paavo airola the blood and tissues and to effectively regenerate and revitalize all the body functions. On the contrary, staying in bed while fasting is definitely harmful. Although the above seems life a lofty explanation of such a simple thing as a juice fast, I can say that from my own experience this is absolutely true.

Keep up with Mother Nature

To further airopa the body in its detoxification and elimination processes, fasting patients are given dry brush massage twice paavo airola day to stimulate the eliminative capacity of the skin, the biggest eliminative organ. Crystal marked it as to-read Jan 21, Although he showed no symptoms, autopsy results revealed that his left circumflex coronary paavo airola was almost totally blocked.

In fasting, your body feeds paavo airola on the most impure and inferior materials, such as dead cells and morbid accumulations, tumors, abcesses, damaged tissues, fat deposits, etc. I do believe, however, that following Dr.

Airola promoted natural healing through a diet of nutritious, whole foods and holistic medicine. Paavo Airola on his background on page 8: MNN tease illustration of runners: James rated it paao liked it Apr paavo airola,