Buy Mathematical Astronomy Morsels on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Buy Mathematical Astronomy Morsels 3 on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Title, Mathematical Astronomy Morsels, Volume 1. Authors, Jean Meeus, J. M. A. Danby. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Willmann-Bell, Original from, the.

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Activation requires a response to an email mathematical astronomy morsels we will send to this address. But just sometimes, even Jean cannot explain his results, such as why in our era do total solar eclipses fall mathematical astronomy morsels often on a Wednesday than any other day?

We morses living in a period of important astrophysical and cosmological research. Jean is a stickler for accuracy and although English mathematical astronomy morsels not his mother tongue, the book is remarkably free from grammatical and spelling errors.

But all of us can acquire plenty of ammunition to settle bets at star parties, test computer programs, and amaze our friends or an astronomy professor with some little-known surprises about the sky mathematcal calendar. Most readers have probably heard about the Saros in connection with solar eclipses, or the eight-year cycle of Venus risings that is a cornerstone of the Maya calendar.

For some really mathematical astronomy morsels studies he has collaborated with Aldo Vitagliano University of Naplesthe creator of Solex, a remarkable program for solar-system motions that can be freely downloaded from the Internet. Lunar Eclipse Grant Privett 7 replies. Further works, published by Willmann-Bell, Inc.

They had to work out all their answers laboriously, with a pencil and paper. I mathematical astronomy morsels researched a number of similar topics myself, which are available to view on my website http: Jean Meeus’s latest book explores the frequency of blue moons, planetary groupings, and a great deal more, as only this master of astronomical calculations could. His Astronomical Formulae for Calculators, and has mathematical astronomy morsels widely acclaimed by both amateur and professional astronomers.


The detection of patterns and cycles is a theme pursued throughout.

Other “Morsels” by Jean Meeus. Many celestial cycles are fleeting, destined to fade away after a few iterations as others overlap them or start up afresh.

Mathematical Astronomy Morsels | British Astronomical Association

Hiscock traces it to an obscure children’s book published infollowed the next year mathematical astronomy morsels a question card in axtronomy game of Trivial Pursuit! Even worse, their end-of-the-world fears may escalate. This book lists the occasions when we, too, can hope to witness something similar during our lifetimes.

Here are 68 more subjects that have washed upon the beach of Jean Meeus ‘ imagination. As Jean Meeus mathematical astronomy morsels with his beautiful diagram of eclipse clumps pagethe opposite is true over the long haul. Pop-culture obsessions like these do not originate in the magazines for amateur astronomers, let alone in scientific journals or textbooks.

Other “Morsels” by Jean Meeus. Over the last few years I have developed an interest in the sort of “recreational” aspects of astronomical computing popularised by Jean Meeus in his well-known series of books mathematical astronomy morsels Astronomy Morsels’.

Morses Dymock 4 replies.

Catalog Record: Mathematical astronomy morsels | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Jean Meeus, born instudied mathematical astronomy morsels at the University of Louvain Leuven in Belgium, where he received the Degree of Licentiate in So why exactly does Christmas fall more often on a Tuesday than on a Monday? But all of us can acquire plenty of ammunition to settle bets at star parties, test computer programs, and amaze our friends morsele an astronomy professor with some little-known surprises about the sky and calendar. He looks at how many times per century Jupiter can appear mathematical astronomy morsels a visible moon,” all the Galilean satellites being either mathematical astronomy morsels front of the disk, behind it, or in eclipse.

How many centuries will elapse before 10 successive Easters occur in April?

Catalog Record: Mathematical astronomy morsels | Hathi Trust Digital Library

From them until his retirement inhe was a meteorologist at Brussels Airport. But here we find evidence for the half Saros about daysfor which the author proposes the name Sar. He goes on to examine another elusive event, one that the English amateur Mathematical astronomy morsels Dall was lucky enough to photograph with his inch reflector on April Also, why between does the 13th of the month fall on mathematical astronomy morsels Friday more often than any other day?


Dominic Ford site admin. Starting out in astronomy. For his numerous contributions to astronomy asfronomy International Astronomical Union announced in the naming of asteroid Meeus in his honor. He has brought together these and other tidbits from his voluminous mathematical astronomy morsels, spanning nearly half a century, on every sort of celestial configuration, cycle, and curiosity.

Mathematical Astronomy Morsels III

The link to lunar mathematical astronomy morsels in a calendar month is quite recent. The Computing Section Director suggested I might post to this forum to see if there were any like-minded souls out there, so please reply if you would like to engage in some computational discussions that require an enquiring mind rather than a detailed knowledge of orbit calculations!

Holes, a picker up of shells on the shores of mathematical astronomy morsels great unknown ocean. Product Description Additional information Product Description Mathematical Astronomy Morsels III by Jean Meeus After winning worldwide acclaim for his trailblazing Astronomical Formulae for Calculators Satronomy, and Astronomical Algorithmshe has harnessed the powerful techniques mathematical astronomy morsels in these works, along with other methods from his repertoire, for the novel applications covered here.