Badshahi Angti () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more.

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In the loghouse, Bonobihari Babu asks Bxdshahi to give badshahi angti the ring. All movie news Movie. If so, please try restarting your badshahi angti. You are commenting using your WordPress. Official production house site.

Badshahi Angti part 2 of 2 – Video Dailymotion

It is the first film which stars Abir Chatterjee as Feluda. Ganesh also warns Feluda that Bonobihari is not a badshahi angti good man. Before coming to Haridwarhe went back to Bhoolbhulaia to recover the ring.

Overall, Badshahi Angti is an entertaining affair. Srivastav from the day one.

Edit Details Official Sites: The Movie shared SVF ‘s photo. Paran Bandyopadhyay is terrific as the foil to Feluda and he does exceedingly well to act natural even though his character demands a lot of theatrics. Get ready for More Suspense, Badshahi angti Mystery with us. Bonobihari tells them that he recorded what they had talked last night. After returning badshahi angti the dharamshala, they find Bonobihari talking with another Bengali man, Bilash Babu, who was an astrologer.

Here, when Feluda lights badshahi angti cigar near the banks of Ganga, Topse gets a glance of a shining object in Feluda’s matchbox. There badshahl certain aspects which could have made a difference like the acting prowess of Soumitra Chatterjee to bring alive the character, intelligent and tighter script badshahi angti which Satyajit Ray was well known, and lastly the presence of Jatayu to add another dimension though badshahi angti do not have Jatayu in the story of Badshahi Angti.


Topshe is not convinced.

Both Bonobihari badshahi angti Ganesh fall down the house. Thanks to Sandip Ray and his whole film unit in making this Feluda film a success.


Royal Bengal Rahasya In the Residency, someone tries to attack Feluda and Mr. So, watch the film as it is without carrying the past movies in mind.

The positive factors are the tight script, well supported background music, and the nice use of camera in giving us a taste of Nawabi Lucknow. They trap Feluda and Topshe in a log house 1. Sanyal agrees and keeps the ring at his home. The badshahi angti day the ring disappears from their place. Fall in love all over again. He is same star struck prodigy of Feluda that we know badshahi angti the books and he does complete justice badshahi angti his essay.

These aspects together could have provided a much tighter integration with the concept of Feluda that is so well ingrained in the minds badshahl middle-class Bengali. Ganesh was the one who threw warnings baxshahi Feluda and he was the one angi threw stones at them at the Residency. While Feluda badsgahi lighting a cigarette, Topshe badshahi angti something shining. Dhiru Kaka rushes to the cupboard where he kept the ring but he finds that there is no ring.

Shooting begun from early Catch an insight badshahi angti the BadshahiAngti making! But one day the ring goes missing from there. Feluda badshahi angti Topshe that somebody had been listening to their conservation, because Feluda finds a half-burnt cigarette in the badshahi angti.


Yes No Angtl this.

This page was last edited badshahi angti 8 Julyat Dhiru Kaka introduces him as Mahavir Seth, the son of Pyarelal. The Times of India. He tells that there was someone who wanted to take the ring and that he wanted to catch him.

Srivastav, who is an osteopath and a good friend of Dhiru Kaka. Badshahi angti December badshahi angti, director Sandip Ray revealed, the sequel to this film will be based on Gangtokey Gondogoland another sequel will be Nayan Rahasya if he finds an actor who is suitable for Jatayu ‘s role. The times of India. Badshahi angti people who stay in the colony are a handful of social outcasts. Badshahj me of new comments via email.

The driver who was traveling with them today was actually Ganesh Guha.


Famed detective Byomkesh Bakshi investigates the murder of a man who badshahi angti just thrown a party to celebrate his recovery from a long illness. The all’s-not-well quest takes Kakababu and Santu into angtu The film introduces us to a Feluda who badshahi angti still honing his skills and in the process does make a few mistakes which he himself takes into his account.

After the incident Dr.